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A&S Millworks – Cabinet Maker in Owasso

Custom Cabinet Maker at work in Owasso.A&S Millworks is a proud Tulsa business. We specialize in carpentry and millwork, so our customers are guaranteed to get high-quality results no matter what type of project they’re dreaming of. We can help you redecorate or completely redesign any room in your home!

We’re so glad you have found us, and we’re more than happy to share the key features of our company that we believe make us Owasso’s best choice for custom cabinets, commercial cabinets, custom kitchen, and much more!

There are so many great reasons to choose A&S Millworks of Tulsa. We are delighted to share a few of those reasons with you now:

Local – We’re nearby, so you’ll always get quick responses to your questions and services that are convenient for your schedule! We like to get a job done quickly, from the initial estimate to the final screw is secured in your new custom cabinets!

Family Owned – As a family owned and operated business, we uphold high standards of quality and customer service. You’ll see these standards as a valued customer from the first time you contact us through the completion of your project.

Great people – Our team is comprised of the best carpenters and cabinet makers in the area, and they’re also easy to work with! A&S Millworks is picky about who we hire so that we can honestly guarantee the best to our customers!

Reasonable Prices – We offer value with every service. That means that, for the same price, you won’t find comparable services here in Owasso or anywhere else in the area. Our customers get the value of our experience and training, and that’s worth far more than the rates we charge!

Flexible Design Solutions – Our pros can outline more than one plan for your project, giving you the final decision in how the end result will turn out! They can present you with several options so you can decide which one works best for you.

If you are thinking about hiring an Owasso cabinet maker for your next home project, we encourage you to do so! A professional can ensure that your project goes smoothly, and you’ll actually save money because a pro will know how to order materials based on precise measurements, and they’ll already have all the tools to do the job right and to do it well!

We believe wholeheartedly that our team is the best you have access to, but we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences with A&S Millworks, or call us directly for references who don’t mind sharing their recent experience with you.

Image showing free quote for custom cabinet maker in Tulsa

With a team like A&S Millworks on your side, you’ll get all of these great benefits:

  • Enjoy beautiful, custom furniture and cabinets – Our work is not only well made and strong, but it’s also lovely to look at. From built-in furniture to custom cabinets that are ideal for your one-of-a-kind needs, A&S Millworks will listen to what you need and hand craft furniture or cabinetry that will not only serve that purpose, but that will also be a stunning addition to any room.
  • Have a brand new kitchen made just for you – You aren’t stuck with a kitchen you don’t absolutely love. A&S Millworks can help you design and execute the perfect custom kitchen! Give us an idea, and we can supply lots of insider tips about how to make the most of your space and get a kitchen that is 100% suited to your cooking and entertaining needs.
  • Discover the convenience of custom closets and bathroom cabinets – Have you ever wished your closet looked like the ones on TV? If you’ve ever thought it would be nice to have a more organized closet with more space – even a designated dressing room – then you’re in luck because your local cabinet maker, A&S Millworks, can design custom closets and bathroom cabinets to create a luxurious space for you to relax, groom, and prepare for any event.

Services We Offer

The individual services we offer would make a very long list! Here, we have combined the most common services we offer into a few categories that represent our most popular services. We hope that you find inspiration here, and we encourage you to contact us with questions about your specific situation.

We’re a custom cabinet and furniture company, so that means the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing and building the perfect pieces for your home or office.

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen service available in Owasso.A custom kitchen may seem like an extravagance, but it’s actually more affordable and attainable than you think! A&S Millworks can help you design the kitchen you’ve always wanted. Our master carpenters are excellent at envisioning a space as the homeowner wants it to look and then making that vision come to life with a career’s worth of training and experience. From additional seating to a new set of overhead cabinets, we can build anything you want to fully customize your kitchen.

Custom cabinets are both beautiful and functional because we don’t believe that you should only get one or the other. Your cabinets can be built to match your existing furniture, or we can create a focal point for any room. Whichever you choose, your new cabinets will be useful for a multitude of purposes, especially in the kitchen.

A custom kitchen is easier to keep clean because everything you need has a designated place. It’s also nice to have the exact amount of seating that you need for your family to have breakfast, dinner or an afternoon snack. These are just a couple of benefits of having your dream kitchen, designed and handcrafted by A&S Millworks!

We can show you custom cabinet options that will put all your cooking utensils conveniently at your fingertips. Between cabinets, shelving, and drawers that are customized for your home, you can create a kitchen that is perfectly suited to your height, the cooking tools you use the most, and the items you’d like to keep on display.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets done by professionals in Owasso.Custom cabinets make any room in your home a great area to store household items, and with all the flexible options that we can offer for storage, you’ll be able to declutter the house in no time!

Any cabinet maker can tell you that the job is an exact science. We have to be precise in our measurements in order to get the perfect fit. When it comes time to install the custom cabinets, you’ll see very quickly whether you have an expert or novice cabinet maker. You could have large gaps between your cabinets or doors that don’t hang level if you choose a cabinet maker who doesn’t know what they’re doing. That’s why A&S Millworks only hires experienced carpenters who take personal pride in each job they do. For us, it’s more than a job…it’s your home and our reputation on the line!

Owasso residents and business owners can depend on A&S Millworks for reliable custom cabinet making! We guarantee professional results with none of the guesswork used by other contractors. Our Owasso cabinet builders are certified and highly experienced to handle any custom cabinet project that comes their way.

We can build custom cabinets anywhere in your home. If you need more space in the living room, kitchen, or bathroom, we’re certainly the company to call. But that’s not the only places our services can be of use. We also install custom cabinets in bedrooms, offices, closets, and garages – any place in your home where things are piling up may be a clue that you could use some storage that is out of sight but also within reach.

Commercial Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets for your business available in Owasso.Commercial cabinets are an excellent idea for growing businesses. A&S Millworks has many options that are decorative and modern, unlike the basic cabinets supplied by most builders. If you are expanding or renovating your business, we highly recommend including custom built commercial cabinets as a part of that project!

Our experts have a keen eye for design, so they suggest ways to efficiently use the space that you have. A&S Millworks can install cabinets, bookshelves, desks, and other furniture in your office or retail store in order to provide you with more work space and to give the interior of your business an upscale appearance.

Upgrading your commercial cabinets to custom built wood cabinets has many advantages, but two in particular stand out.

First, your customers will have a more pleasant shopping experience. They will feel as though they are shopping or doing business in a professional environment. Furthermore, the area will be uncluttered and safe for customers to move about in. Finally, you’ll be able to keep their private documents – and yours – protected from deceitful purposes.

Also, your staff will take comfort in a work environment that is well appointed. Studies of customer service and employee satisfaction have shown that if you run your business in a professional manner, your employees are more likely to conduct themselves in a professional manner. You can add a touch of class and professionalism to your office with high end elements such as custom built commercial cabinetry.

Built-in Furniture

Picture of a built-in bookcase done by professionals in Owasso.Built-in furniture is an excellent choice for any home or business owner. It looks spectacular, can be crafted to match your current décor, and is safer than freestanding furniture.

First, you can’t argue with the beauty of a handmade piece of furniture. Our craftsmen are skilled in carpentry and millwork, so their creations are functional yet still beautiful to behold. We are so fortunate to have creative, talented individuals working with us at A&S Millworks!

In addition, your new built-in furniture will flow seamlessly with the room’s current design. Your Owasso home or office is as unique as you are. It reflects your personality and tastes. When you purchase a pre-made piece of furniture, you aren’t likely to get something that is an exact match to your existing furniture in color and/or style.

Finally, there will be no risk of the built-in piece tipping over or breaking. Children climb on furniture. Guests bump into bookcases. Accidents of any kind can happen when your entertainment center or bookshelf isn’t anchored safely to the wall and floor. Therefore, your home will be a whole lot safer with built-in furniture.

We can add a built-in bookcase or desk area in any room of your home. Most commonly, we add storage in the form of handmade built-in cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom, but we can also provide permanent storage solutions for the garage, attic, basement, and more!

About Owasso, OK

The recorded history of Owasso begins as far back as 1880 when it was called Elm Creek, due to its proximity to the body of water by the same name. In 1900, the post office sign reading “Elm Creek” was replaced with one that said “Owasso,” but the official renaming didn’t take place until 1905.

Owasso was once only known as a railroad turnaround – the end of the line – but today it is a weekend destination for many families, couples and groups, thanks to the many great dining and shopping opportunities thee. In just 25 years, the city of Owasso was named Oklahoma’s fastest growing city not one but several times.

Today, the city is a great placed for outdoor activities and sports, history and sightseeing, and it is conveniently located near several universities and colleges, making it one of the best Tulsa suburbs for relocating.

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If you’re like most homeowners, you have avoided the topic of home renovation because you think it’s too expensive. A&S Millworks thinks that is a terrible reason to keep living in a home that doesn’t make you completely happy – either in its appearance or with its functionality and convenience.

Every day, we convince customers just like you that you don’t have to settle for one of these reasons to be satisfied with your home. We provide both, with custom cabinet and furniture building services performed by the best carpenters in the business!

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