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A&S Millworks is Coweta’s Choice for Millwork and Carpentry!

Custom Cabinet Maker at work in Coweta.If you want it all – high-quality work and excellent customer service, all at great prices – A&S Millworks is the only company you’ll ever need for carpentry, cabinet making, and more! We can complete your home with trim, built-in furniture, and custom cabinets for any room in your home, and we also work with business owners to help them manage their storage needs.

We love Coweta and the surrounding area, and we are so glad to be a part of this Tulsa suburb. Our services aren’t just about building cabinets and furniture. They are about giving our customers the home or business solutions that they’ve been needing while also making their homes look more beautiful and increasing the value as well.

Our pros will take the time to listen to you and design a custom solution that is perfect for your home or office. We guarantee that each project gets the same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship no matter how big or small the job. You won’t find many Coweta cabinet makers who can promise those things. That’s what makes A&S Millworks different! We treat our customers best because they deserve the best for their homes and businesses, and that’s what makes us the best choice of cabinet maker Coweta can get!

A&S Millworks is a local business, and that means that when you choose us for your custom cabinet needs, we can contribute even more to the community. We stay involved in the community, and we work hard to give back to the community as thanks to our loyal customers.

We’re also a family-owned business, which means that we are fully invested in every aspect of our business. We have been successful over the years, and we can only attribute that success to a firm commitment to our customers to the hard work and time commitment that goes into choosing the very best cabinet makers and carpenters.

What to Expect When You Work with the Best

A&S Millworks considers ourselves the best carpentry service in the area for several reasons, but it all boils down to one thing: results. If every customer is satisfied with their new kitchen, custom closets, or built-in bookcases, then we consider ourselves successful in every right!

If you’re ready to make a big change in your home or office, choose us to get reliable service and beautiful results! We work hard for Coweta customers just like you every single day so they can maximize the living space in their homes and make them even more beautiful.

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Beautiful custom furniture and cabinets are only a phone call away, and when you let A&S Millworks handle your home improvement project, you’ll get flawless results and styles that integrate well into your existing home décor – thing that can’t be bought at a furniture store!

We can also create a completely new room for our customers. If you have ever wanted to customize your kitchen to make it more convenient for your cooking style or family needs, A&S Millworks can help you do just that! Imagine a brand new kitchen made just for you! We have many options for customizing your kitchen, either suggesting ideas we think would fit your taste, budget, and cooking needs, or building on an idea you already have.

The convenience and organization of custom closets and custom bathroom cabinets is something that most home builders don’t take into account, but once they are moved in, they can quickly realize how little space they have for storage. If this is your experience or if you bought a house with limited closet or bathroom storage, we can help you make the most of either one!

Don’t wait any longer to call A&S Millworks about the project you’ve been dreaming of! We are easy to work with, we will communicate with you openly and frequently about your ongoing project, and when the job is done, you’ll be convinced that Coweta residents and business owners can’t beat our services with any other local company. You’ll be like our many past customers, telling everyone you know about A&S Millworks!

Here are a few of the things we can do for you:

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen service available in Coweta.It sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? A fully customized kitchen with everything you need at your fingertips. Every home cook we talk to has features about their kitchens that they would change if given the opportunity. At A&S Millworks, that’s exactly what we do! We can add new, custom cabinets or change a few features to give you more food prep or storage space for fancy gadgets.

The kitchen you never thought you could afford is more of a reality than you may think! We can help you through every step of the process, from designing a kitchen layout to completing the work quickly and professionally, all at rates that are competitive with any other cabinet maker in Coweta or the surrounding area!

We are creative with custom kitchen solutions that can accommodate family members of different heights, one that is wheelchair accessible, or a kitchen that can double as a dining or entertaining space. If you need customized drawers, shelving or non-standard sized cabinets, A&S Millworks can help! Our team is experienced in giving customers exactly what they want and need without compromising anything!

And speaking of compromise, you don’t have to settle when it comes to style and functionality. When you choose A&S Millworks, it’s possible to get both. The first step is to listen carefully to our

customers and determine what features are most important to them, then we work hard to make everything else fit around those key elements.

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets done by professionals in Coweta.Custom-made cabinets are the perfect solution for any homeowner who needs more storage but would like to keep things looking neat and classy. We can create more usable storage in every room of your home with cabinets that are custom built by a professional cabinet maker!

If your Coweta home’s living room is getting so crowded that it’s hard for your family to enjoy the space anymore, you know something’s got to give. It can be nearly impossible to control the clutter some days, so you need a permanent storage solution that will keep your living area neat and tidy. Custom cabinets and entertainment centers by A&S Millworks are a way to manage it all!

The bedrooms in your home – master bedroom, kids’ rooms, and even the guest room – can become catch-alls for items that don’t really have a designated place in your home. If you are in this situation, we can suggest several custom cabinet designs that are specifically for bedrooms!

We also have many creative ways to organize the basement, garage, and closets of your home with custom cabinets. These extra touches will make your living space more enjoyable, and they will add value to your home as well! If you are searching for the best solution to store hobby equipment, tools, or inventory for a home-based business, custom cabinets could be just the thing you’re needing!

A&S Millworks can add valuable storage space to any area of your home with beautiful custom cabinets!

Commercial Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets for your business available in Coweta.Commercial cabinets are just as important as residential ones. You can boost sales and improve your employees’ motivation and attitude by giving them a more professional, less cluttered work environment. Research on employee satisfaction has shown that employees’ behavior correlates with the way they perceive their work setting. A&S Millworks can help you create a backdrop that encourages professionalism and focus with beautiful, functional commercial cabinets!

Your customers will see the difference, too. When you have custom-built commercial cabinets, it will show them that you take your business seriously and have invested both time and money into making it look incredible. You’ll be setting yourself apart from similar businesses and letting your customers know that you intent upon making every aspect of your business being the best it can be!

Our custom-made commercial cabinets and bookcases can be especially helpful for small stores or offices where you need every bit of floor space and lots of storage. We can help you maximize both while giving you a major upgrade from those drab metal filing cabinets!

A&S Millworks understands what it’s like to run a business, so we can make arrangements to meet with you at your place of business any time that is convenient for you. If after hours or weekends are the only times we can meet with you at the office and get a close look at the area we’ll be working with, we can make it work!

Built-in Furniture

Picture of a built-in bookcase done by professionals in Coweta.A&S Millworks built-in furniture can add value to the worth of your home, not to mention that it is so much more extravagant than freestanding furniture. There’s nothing wrong with stand-alone pieces of furniture, but if you’re going for luxurious, cohesive home décor, built-in components can give your home this appearance better than anything else!

We can add a built-in desk, bookcase, entertainment center, or headboard to your home quickly and affordably. Your guests will be in awe of the beautiful pieces we hand-craft specifically for your home, and you will be able to enjoy them for years to come!

Every A&S Millworks carpenter and cabinet maker is highly qualified to install built-in furniture safely. Our products are durable and long-lasting, so although the initial investment is higher for built-in furniture, they are home improvement projects that will last a lifetime, so you’ll save loads of money not having to replace your furniture or cabinets every few years.

One of our customers’ biggest reasons for choosing built-in furniture is that we can customize it to match their current furniture and décor. It’s extremely rare to find a piece of furniture in store that is exactly what you’re looking for – the right height, width, color, etc. But with A&S Millworks pros on the job, you won’t have to waste your time shopping around for a product that may not be out there in the first place!

There’s no sense in buying low-quality furniture that only somewhat matches your home. Instead, choose a Coweta cabinet maker and carpenter who can give you exactly what you want!

About Coweta, OK

Coweta is a relatively smaller suburb of Tulsa that first saw settlers in 1840, but the city was part of the Muscogee Creek Indian Nation long before that. The city’s name was originally spelled Koweta back when the area served as a mission which opened in 1843 and closed in 1861.

Just after the Civil War, the Creek Indians divided up a large area which now includes Tulsa and several of its suburbs into districts. The political center of the Coweta district – land northeast of the Arkansas river – was located only a quarter of a mile from today’s Coweta downtown area.

The year 1903 was eventful for the town. Within the 12-month period, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad came, the city’s first newspaper was started, the first school building was completed, and the first telephone lines were installed.

Although rather small, the city of Coweta boasts two sites on the National Register of Historic Places, the Koweta Mission Site and the First Presbyterian Church of Coweta, also known as the Mission Bell Museum.

A&S Millworks is best known for our cabinet making services, but we’re just as good at commercial cabinetry, built-in furniture, and many more residential and commercial services. If you’re looking for a Coweta carpenter or cabinet maker that does great work but doesn’t charge a fortune, we are proud to say that A&S Millworks fits that description perfectly!

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Sooner than you realize, your home could have function, timeless built-in furniture or a brand new kitchen. If you make the wise choice to let A&S Millworks do the work for you, it will also come at an affordable price! Call us today to take a look at your Coweta kitchen, bathroom, or office, and let us share our knowledge, experience, and creativity!

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