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A&S Millworks is Claremore’s Choice for Millwork and Carpentry!

Custom Cabinet Maker at work in Claremore.A&S Millworks considers ourselves very lucky to find ourselves at the heart of Claremore, in a business that continues to grow and be successful in a very difficult industry! We attribute this success to the people that keep us going!

The first group of people we are proud to call ours are our employees. These certified, experienced professionals can handle anything that’s thrown their way. They have been in the carpentry and cabinet making business for many years, and they have seen trends come and go. What remains the same is their skill and their commitment to customer satisfaction! Our staff is more than willing to answer your questions, give you honest opinions, and listen genuinely to your thoughts, concerns, and ideas.

The second group is, of course, our customers. Without them, we wouldn’t have grown into the trusted cabinet maker Claremore depends on! Our customers call us for all their carpentry and cabinet making needs, from kitchen remodeling to unique custom closets. Besides bringing us repeat business, our customers are so satisfied that they tell others about our services as well, bringing new people to our door every day! We love hearing that a customer has been referred by someone we now consider to be a friend, which is how we view all of our valued customers!

A&S Millworks is a locally owned family business. We depend on all these people to help our business grow, and they certainly have not let us down over the years!

Customer service is our main priority, and that begins at the top, with policies and standards that are higher than any other in the area. It also depends heavily on choosing the right people to fill our carpenter and cabinet maker roles. Once those people have been taught our tried-and-true customer service practices, there’s no denying that we’re the best cabinet builders in Claremore!

Custom Vs. Pre-Fab…What’s the Difference?

You can walk into a furniture store and purchase shelves, cabinets, and bookcases that are ready to install, same day. Why, then, do so many people choose to let A&S Millworks install custom cabinets in their homes and businesses?

It’s a good question, since these products are also a fraction of the cost of made-to-order items. A&S Millworks can shed some light on this subject, and we think that you, too, will see the benefit of custom over pre-fab!

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The beauty of custom furniture and cabinets

Our furniture and cabinets are highly functional, but they are also stunning. Carefully handcrafted and made to match your home’s décor exactly, our pieces are valuable and beautiful! You won’t get the attention to detail and one-of-a-kind results from a home improvement store or rental center!

A fully customized kitchen

…or bathroom …or utility room. You get the idea. If you built the home you are living in now, you had some say in how it would be laid out, but they blueprints may not have called for the specialized features that we can supply. And if you purchased the home, we have no doubt that there are features you’re dying to change!

The convenience of custom closets and custom bathroom cabinets

Do you ever give much thought to the unused potential of your closets and bathroom cabinets? Most Claremore homeowners don’t, but A&S Millworks can enlighten them! We stay up-to-date on trends in the industry to keep your bathroom contemporary, and we can save you tons of space in every closet in your home with unique storage options!

Below, you’ll see a few of the specific ways we can make your home or business more beautiful and useful:

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen service available in Claremore.Preparing meals has never been easier than it is in a custom kitchen by A&S Millworks. There is a certain convenience that comes with having a kitchen designed especially for you. Everything from the cabinets to shelving and drawers can be arranged to make your life a whole lot easier!

Your Claremore home is where you spend a lot of your time, so it should look exactly the way you want it to, kitchen included! A&S Millworks can coordinate the current elements of your kitchen – colors, stain, wood types – with our custom-built cabinets and more in order to give your home a continuous design scheme. We also know what trends are developing in custom kitchens across the country, so we can propose many options for your project that you may not have even considered yet.

A Claremore custom kitchen can be both beautiful and functional. When you choose A&S Millworks, results like those are guaranteed! We begin every custom kitchen by sitting down with the homeowner and discussing what they hope to achieve at the end of the job. We’ll look at pictures you have saved for reference, and we’ll listen carefully to your current needs, and we will also try to anticipate needs you may have in the future, such as making your kitchen wheelchair accessible. We want to thoroughly understand your vision for the custom kitchen we’ll be creating for you so that we can execute perfectly!

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets done by professionals in Bixby.Custom cabinets are what A&S Millworks is known for, and for good reason! We can supply your home or business with beautifully made custom cabinets for any room and any purpose.

Every homeowner thinks about sensible storage for the kitchen and bathroom. What home doesn’t have cabinets in those areas? The utility room or mud room is another common area for cabinets, but most

cabinet makers won’t think outside the box to consider how beneficial custom cabinets can be in other rooms of your home.

A&S Millworks is different. We know that any room is a good opportunity to invest in storage solutions that will last a lifetime!

Bedrooms can benefit from stylish custom cabinets. Children’s rooms are especially vulnerable to clutter. You may be facing the problem of too many toys and clothes, and not enough places to store it all. If that’s the case, A&S Millworks can offer several solutions that will provide your children with places to store their valuables, and we can maximize those areas by creating sitting areas, reading nooks, or play tables above or below their new custom cabinets.

You may also see the chaos spilling over into your master bedroom. A&S Millworks can help you get everything in order again! We can install a desk area for studying, reading, paying bills, or use as a home office. Because our custom creations are built in, they will fit perfectly, and they won’t take up nearly as much space as stand-alone pieces.

If too much stuff is taking over your home, custom cabinets designed and installed by A&S Millworks are the answer! Custom cabinets can give you a place to store whatever you need in any room, but you’ll still be able access these things easily. You can decide the quantity and size of your custom cabinets so that they’ll work for whatever purpose you need. The freedom to design your own custom cabinets, with the help of an expert team, is one of the many benefits of choosing a professional cabinet maker like A&S Millworks.

Commercial Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets for your business available in Bixby.Commercial cabinets are another specialty that we offer. A&S Millworks works with businesses of all sizes and types to provide them with storage that makes sense for their particular needs. We’re often reminded that businesses have some of the same problems as homeowners when it comes to limited space and creative storage ideas.

Some businesses that we consult with are finding themselves running out of space, but they aren’t in a position to relocate just yet. For these customers, our custom commercial cabinets are great because they can be built to fit any space that you have, and they’ll actually create more usable office space.

Other businesses need a different type of storage that they have had previously. This can be tricky because A&S Millworks has to figure out a way to accommodate their current needs while also preparing them for whatever the future holds.

Finally, there are commercial customers who choose custom cabinets for the impression that they will make on customers and employees. Believe it or not, the interior décor of your business dictates how people see you and the business as a whole. If you want customers and employees to think of your business as professional, stable, and successful, you can add a few luxurious touches, such as custom-made cabinets to give those positive impressions.

Built-in Furniture

Picture of a built-in bookcase done by professionals in Bixby.We could list at least a dozen reasons why built-in furniture is the way to go for your home, home office, or business purposes. However, there’s only one company that can give you the results you want, and that’s A&S Millworks!

Our contractors have years of experience building cabinets and built-in furniture, and they can put that knowledge to good use for you. These pros will be the first to tell you that their work is crafted diligently and purposefully, with your home’s current décor in mind. We take everything into account, from the paint colors to the type of wood used in other areas of your home, in order to match these elements as closely as possible. We can attach the same trim to your built-in entertainment center that is already in the room to make it look like it has always been there. We go the extra mile in cases like this because it adds value to your home and it looks so much better than a freestanding piece of furniture!

Our built-in furniture is also extremely strong, not like pressboard or composite pieces you can assemble yourself. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about our work being flimsy, even if it gets bumped or hit accidentally.

When you choose to let A&S Millworks add a custom piece of built-in furniture to your home or office, you’ll be making an investment in your home that will last as long as you own the home!

About Claremore, OK

Claremore is the county seat of Rogers County and a well-known suburb of Tulsa, OK. It is nestled in the foothills of the Ozarks and was once part of the Osage Indian territory and then Cherokee. It is a large suburb of Tulsa with many businesses and industries of varying size.

Entertainer Will Rogers called Claremore home, and his family was the namesake of the county. His parents were major supporters of education and pushed for schools to be built and an educational system to be founded.

The area’s growth during the late 19th and early 20th centuries had to do with its sulphur springs. People came from miles around to soak in the springs, believing that they had medicinal properties. Until 2008, an original bathhouse still stood near what is today 9th street.

Claremore has several pop culture claims to fame. The Rodgers and Hammerstein play Oklahoma! is set in Claramore. An episode of the 80s television show Quantum Leap was set there, as was the movie Where the Heart Is starring Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman.

America’s famous Route 66 passes through Claremore, and two major railways still intersect there as well, retaining the city’s place as a major thoroughfare.

A&S Millworks is so happy to be a part of the Claremore community, and we consider it a privilege to work with such wonderful home and business owners day in and day out. We offer solutions for every home and business. Our experienced professionals can bring your ideas to life, or they can offer suggestions if you aren’t sure where to start.

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We are one of the area’s top cabinet and carpentry builders because of our service, selection, prices, and experience. If you ask around, you may learn that someone you know – a friend, neighbor, or co-worker – has used A&S Millworks for custom cabinets or some other home improvement service!

See why others have already decided that we’re the go-to company for custom kitchens, custom commercial and residential cabinets, built-in furniture, and more!

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