Every night, there’s live music somewhere in Tulsa, and on the weekends, your options are even more broad, as every thinkable genre is being performed somewhere around the city. Tulsa, OK has a wide range of musical interests, and the city’s many bars, clubs, and music venues do not disappoint!

If you like to mix things up, try The Colony, Bull & Bear Tavern, Soundpony, Cimarron Bar, The Hunt Club, Soul City or Westbound Club for music venues that like to give their customers a little of everything. Often, you can hear a variety of genres within the same set, from the same band in these places and ones like them!

Thriving Musical Genres in Tulsa

No matter what you’re into, you can find the perfect venue to listen to music you love with like-minded music fans.

  • Country music turns dance at Westbound Club every weekend with country-western line dancing, or you can visit Cain’s Ballroom, consistently ranked as one of the world’s best country venues. The BOK Center is another venue where you can see bigger acts in the downtown area.
  • Jazz music has come back in a big way in Tulsa, or maybe it never left. To experience authentic jazz in Tulsa, OK, you don’t have to look far. Bull & Bear Tavern is an intimate setting that’s perfect for this genre. You’ll hear all types of blues and jazz artists any given weekend.
  • There is also a strong singer-songwriter base in Tulsa, evidenced by the popularity of venues like The Colony, which frequently hosts little-known acts with original music. The acts rotate so many get a chance to test material and show off their talent in both areas, and it’s really cool to see singer-songwriters supporting one another in these bars and clubs.
  • Hard rock in Tulsa? You bet! Downtown Lounge is one place to find it, as is the Brady Arts District. Downtown Lounge has long been known for a hard rock scene, but the Brady Arts District is relatively new. The Hunt Club is another place for not-so-hard Tulsa rock, complete with a wooden stage and a local crowd to give it a great vibe.
  • Americana music is unknown to many people, but not to Tulsans! It’s a blend of folk, country, western, rockabilly, and more, and Tulsa can’t get enough of it. Mercury Lounge on South Boston Avenue has long been known for supporting roots and Americana music, and it has been a stepping stone for many who eventually make it to the more famous Cain’s Ballroom downtown.
  • Party music…it’s a thing, and you’ll find it at Soundpony on North Main Street. From hip-hop to punk to rock performed by live acts as well as DJs, you never know exactly what you’ll get, but the Soundpony cycling team definitely approves!

Maybe you never realized what a thriving music scene Tulsa has, but now that you do, enjoy every imaginable genre to their fullest potential on your next visit!

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