To get a sampling of everything Tulsa has to offer culturally and otherwise, it’s necessary to visit every part of this great city! From Uptown to Downtown and all the little communities throughout the city, you can find unique experiences that are specific to Oklahoma’s second-largest city.


If you want to see everything downtown has to offer, take a walk! You can see the alleged “Center of the Universe,” a spot where you can talk, but others around you can’t hear you because the sound rebounds back at you, even louder than you spoke. While you’re close by, head over to the famed Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame just a few blocks away.

For dining and shopping, Tulsa has some one-of-a-kind places you can visit, such as the Indie Emporium, one of many indie craft markets that carries handmade items from over 120 artists and craftspeople, and the first of its kind. When it’s time to eat, you can find just about anything in Tulsa’s budding food scene. One of many great places is Casa de Miller, a restaurant that is pet friendly, and hosts a fun local crowd with excellent cocktails and delicious food.


If you happen to be in Midtown, swing by to see the Golden Driller, a statue that is 75 feet tall, making it half as tall as the Statue of Liberty and the 5th tallest statue in the U. S. The statue represents Tulsa’s rich history as an oil producer. Most locals will tell you that it isn’t necessarily a destination point, but it’s definitely something to behold if you happen to be in the area. The Golden Driller is just outside the expo fair pavilion.


Uptown is funky and fun, hosting festivals and special events throughout the year. One of the most interesting and fun is the end of a 3-day bike race each June called Tulsa Tough. Cry Baby Hill in Uptown is the toughest portion of a that culminates in an awesome party with music, food, and drinks for the cyclists and spectators.

The Pearl District:

If you want to see what insider Tulsa is really like, visit the Pearl District near downtown. In this budding residential area, property values are rising, and the community is making a name for itself as one of Tulsa’s most convenient walkable neighborhoods. The city’s development community has a goal of reinventing city life by building character within modern urban neighborhoods like this one.

Take a look at some of the unique businesses while you’re there, such as Garden Deva Sculpture. This gallery displays whimsical hand-made art and sculpture metal fabrication for homes and gardens.

There are landmarks, restaurants and shops – not to mention a rich cultural history – to be found all over Tulsa that will culminate to show you what life here is all about. If you’re visiting Tulsa, try to get a sampling of all the unique areas of town in order to see the true flavor of the city!

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