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A&S Millworks is Broken Arrow’s Choice for Millwork and Carpentry!

Custom Cabinet Maker at work in Bixby.A&S Millworks is a carpentry business in Tulsa OK that offers unbeatable prices and services. If you live in the suburb of Broken Arrow or any of the surrounding communities, you, too, have access to our high-quality service, selection, and experience.

We’re a local business in a big city, so you get the best of everything when you choose A&S Millworks for your carpentry and woodworking projects. We’re a family-owned business, so you don’t get the typical runaround like you would from a franchised millworks shop. Because we’re locally owned and operated, we can offer faster turnaround times less red tape, cutting the time it will take to complete your project drastically compared to the other guys! From the initial estimate to your completed project, we’re the hardest working cabinet maker you’ll find in Broken Arrow and beyond!

With our professional team, you’ll also get personalized service. Our carpenters put a little of themselves in each and every project so that every customer is guaranteed to receive high-quality workmanship while also getting an excellent customer service experience! They listen to the homeowners’ needs and wants, and they do their best to deliver on both.

A&S Millworks is so proud to call Tulsa home, and we’re excited to extend our services to our friends and neighbors in Broken Arrow! For a furniture builder, carpenter, or cabinet maker you can trust, we’re your best bet for all your commercial and residential needs!

Why A&S Millworks?

People have their own reasons for choosing A&S Millworks. In some cases, a friend or co-worker may have recommended our services, or maybe they’ve been doing their own online research and have found that we are highly rated by people all over the web.

There are many reasons that we consider ourselves the best carpenters in the area. Here are a few of the things we can provide our customers with:

Beautiful, custom furniture and cabinets

There’s nothing wrong with going to your local furniture store and purchasing a ready-to-assemble bookshelf or storage cabinet. However, when you want a beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture that will last forever, choose a professional like A&S Millworks to custom build your furniture, cabinets, and more!

Image showing free quote for custom cabinet maker in Tulsa

A brand new kitchen made just for you!

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a kitchen built to your exact specifications? It’s every cook’s dream, and it can become your reality with custom cabinets and shelving by A&S Millworks!

The convenience of custom closets and custom bathroom cabinets

When everything has a place, it makes cleaning up and a snap. You’ll also save time getting ready every day because you aren’t frantically looking for items. Everything will always be right where it’s supposed to be!

Even more benefits…

In addition to these benefits, we are proud to offer the trifecta of customer service: speed, quality, and affordability! Some say that in the home improvement industry, you can’t get all three, but we disagree!

Our Wide Range of Services

A&S Millworks offers several different services to our valued customers. We can improve the functionality and appearance of any room in your home. From the window trim and door frames to elaborate crown molding, we’re experts in all areas of woodworking and carpentry.

Take a look at all the things we can do for your home or office!

Custom Kitchen

Custom Kitchen service available in Broken Arrow.We’re the only cabinet maker Broken Arrow customers will ever need! A&S Millworks has the ability to design and execute a custom kitchen for any homeowner. If you‘ve always wanted a pass-through from your kitchen to dining room, we can determine if it’s a possibility based on which walls bear weight. Another common request is for more seating in the kitchen. Whether it’s a bar, island, or breakfast nook that you dream of, A&S Millworks can come up with creative options to give you exactly what you want!

The convenience of custom cabinets, shelving, and drawers can’t be ignored. Only you know where it’s most logical to store the toaster or install a retractable cutting board, so you should be fully involved in designing your custom kitchen. You can be the inspiration, and our team will provide the skill, experience and tools to build the kitchen you’ve always wanted!

You can have a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional. Some contractors will tell you that you must sacrifice one to have the other, but at A&S Millworks, we work hard to make all your wishes become reality! We love seeing the collaboration that can take place between our seasoned staff and eager homeowners just beginning their kitchen remodeling project.

From simple improvements like new cabinet facings and hardware to all-new custom cabinetry, you can have a kitchen that suits you specific needs with the help of a professional millworks team like ours

Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets done by professionals in Broken Arrow.Custom cabinets are a lifesaver as your family grows. At A&S Millworks, we understand that your needs are constantly changing and you need custom cabinetry that can expand – literally and figuratively – to meet those needs. We have many creative cabinet options that will give you the storage you need,

keeping your home or office uncluttered and adding beautiful handmade touches to every room in your home.

Custom cabinets by A&S Millworks will give you usable storage in any room. People often think of us for customizable bathroom or kitchen cabinets, but we can offer you logical, beautiful solutions for every room in your home.

Living areas and bedrooms seem to be rooms that are always short on space, especially when you have children in your home. If you’d like to declutter the living room, master bedroom, or kids’ rooms, we can help! Our ingenious designs will give you a place to store toys, clothing, and keepsakes in your bedrooms. Out of sight, but not out of reach!

The office is another place that tends to get cluttered, but it’s also an area where organization is key to success! A&S Millworks has the most experience of any other carpentry team in giving your office the room it needs to grow! Whether you have a home office or a separate location for your business, we can offer you plenty of choices to hide all your business essentials in plain sight.

If your home closets are crammed with clothing, shoes, and more, you may not know where to start the organizing process. Why not empty out those closets and let A&S Millworks build custom cabinets based on your storage needs? A professional cabinet maker will come to your Broken Arrow residence and give you a detailed evaluation of what can be done to maximize your closet space and make your closets another attractive area of your beautiful home!

The garage and basement aren’t left out, either. A&S Millworks can custom build cabinets for these areas as well, so when you need additional storage in these areas, call us first. If you have a hobby that requires special equipment, it can be hard finding a place to store it where it will stay safe and dry. Let A&S Millworks show you several ways to use custom cabinets for storing athletic equipment, tools, gardening items, and more!

Commercial Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets for your business available in Broken Arrow.As we mentioned above, A&S Millworks serves both residential and commercial customers, so whatever your needs may be, we can come up with cabinet designs that offer smart solutions for everyday storage needs. Most people recognize and acknowledge their need for more storage space at home, but few of them consider how additional cabinets at work could benefit them.

It’s time to consider those benefits! If you own or manage a business, chances are that you have a wide range of inventory, supplies, and spare equipment. Unless you have a nearby warehouse or storage unit, you’re keeping all that stuff right there in the office.

We see this situation all too often, coming from business owners who have finally found out about A&S Millworks and all the logical storage solutions we can offer large and small businesses in Broken Arrow and beyond!

If you find a cabinet maker that does great residential work, they usually don’t do commercial cabinets, choosing to specialize in only one field. A&S Millworks is different! We see that businesses have a lot of the same needs as homeowners, so we work hard to develop cabinet and storage options that they will find useful. Every day, we help Broken Arrow business owners efficiently use the space they have!

Our commercial cabinets don’t just give you a place to stash your stuff. They’ll also provide attractive setting for entertaining clients and a pleasant work environment for your staff. A designer’s touch means a lot in a stuffy office, and A&S Millworks can suggest the perfect finishes and hardware give your new commercial cabinets any look you want to achieve: classy, elegant, modern, edgy, antique, and more!

Built-in Furniture

Picture of a built-in bookcase done by professionals in Bixby.A&S Millworks offers complete home and business solutions. We are well aware of most homeowners’ desire to maintain a cohesive design throughout their home, or at least within the same room. If this resonates with you, then A&S Millworks is your best choice for carpentry and millwork in Broken Arrow! We’re more than carpenters. Our team is fully immersed in every project, seeing each one through from the idea stage to the finished product and another satisfied customer!

Therefore, our cabinets and built-in furniture is made to fit your décor. We take into account what you already have in your home, and we’ll find the exact trim, stain color, and hardware to match when we build permanent pieces for your home.

We can build any type of cabinetry or shelving that you need. Some of our most common carpentry projects include custom cabinets for storage, but we can also do more visually interesting projects, including beautiful bookcases or a functional desk area for studying, working, and home bookkeeping.

Built-in furniture adds value to your home and can elevate a boring extra bedroom to a luxurious study or your plain master bedroom to an exquisite boudoir. Our experts can suggest dozens of ways to maximize your storage space and make your home look lavish, as if every element was expertly chosen by a top-rated interior designer!

Other advantages of built-in furniture are much more practical. For example, a stand-alone bookcase is an accident waiting to happen because it can tip over with minimal force. One that is attached to the studs through your drywall isn’t going anywhere! Also, built-in furniture saves space because there is no wasted space behind it. We can customize any bookcase, entertainment center, or cabinetry to have access for electronics wires and other things you’d like to disguise.

About Broken Arrow, OK

Broken Arrow is one of many Tulsa communities with a strong Native American heritage. Creek Indians originally settled the area and survived subjugation from the U.S. Government, attacks from the Osage and Delaware Indians, and the desperation caused by the Civil War.

Creek families who owned large tracts of land leased out to ranchers which quickly turned the area into an agricultural center. Soon after, the Williams brothers moved to the area and began building up its industry with a cotton and general store gin, and they were able to capitalize on the natural gas and oil in the area to further promote the community.

Today, Broken Arrow is the largest suburb of Tulsa, OK. From 1980 to 2010, the town nearly tripled in size, probably due to the town’s low unemployment rate, low cost of living, and its proximity to the Great American West.

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If you’re looking for a full service cabinet maker or carpenter, A&S Millworks is exactly what you need. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into finding the best craftsman and training our entire staff on the specific way we want our customers treated. We’re committed to being the only team you’ll ever need for carpentry and millwork in Broken Arrow and beyond, so give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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