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Types of Cabinets to Choose for Your Next Remodel

When remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, something that you need to consider is your cabinets and whether or not you want to choose custom cabinets Tulsa. There are four basic types of cabinets, including base, wall, tall, and specialty units.

Base cabinets are 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall, and the depth may be increased by up to three inches for custom applications. Base cabinets rest on a four-inch rider. Wall cabinetry is usually 12 inches deep and can be increased another five inches for some custom applications. Tall cabinets are usually 83.5 inches in height and serve as pantry space or broom storage. Specialty cabinets can be used to help maximize square footage and other organization in the space. These specialty cabinets include corner cabinets, cooktop fronts, hutches, and bottle racks. Custom cabinets Tulsa can be made specifically to fit the design requirements of the project.

There are two types of cabinetry frames: frameless and face framed. Past cabinets were constructed with a face-framed approach, but some newer designs are moving toward frameless methods. Both can offer endless design ideas. Stock, as well as semi-custom cabinets, are available with both frameless and framed construction. Framed construction has a border frame that is designed to hide the edge of the cabinet box. This frame can also add some sturdiness and strength to the cabinet. With this type of construction, the cabinet door will be attached to the frame’s side. These cabinets are often created from plywood, MDF, or particleboard. Rarely are cabinets made from solid wood. With the frameless option, there is no face frame and the doors will attach directly to the sides of the cabinet box. Doors will cover the entire box and cavity. Since there is no frame, these types of cabinets are better for full access and will allow for maximum use of space. Frameless cabinets are also usually constructed with manufactured wood products, such as plywood of MDF.

For those who want a more traditional look, framed cabinets are the way to go since they provide a more classic appearance that isn’t matched by the more modern framed cabinet. Frameless cabinets will allow you to save some money, due to simpler construction methods and fewer labels. They can be more economical as well, depending on the style and materials that are chosen. Since there are a number of styles available, you should be able to find the right look to fit into your budget.

There are different door styles to consider for your cabinets. The full overlay cabinetry covers the entire face framed unit and will hide the cabinet box with frameless design. The construction allows for a seamless appearance. Since there are so many door styles available, you can find full overlay cabinetry in a modern or traditional appearance. In partial overlay construction, part of the cabinet box is left exposed. This portion is called the reveal. With framed construction, a half-inch overlay door and drawer will leave two inches of the cabinet exposed between the drawers and door.

There are many stock cabinets available, but you can also choose to go with custom cabinets Tulsa in order to achieve the exact look you desire.

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