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Top 2018 Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

One problem that lots of homeowners have when it comes to building or renovating their kitchens is what to do with their cabinets. A good sized kitchen with ample storage space has a lot of them, and homeowners and interior decorators need to figure out how to make them aesthetically pleasing without quite calling attention to themselves. Some solutions can be found in the top kitchen cabinet trends for 2018.

Neutrals and Pale Blue

Save that unfortunate period when avocado was the thing, white kitchen cabinets have always been trendy. Now they are joined by shades of gray and pastel blues such as aqua or turquoise. Whites and pale grays also allow for greater variety when it comes to choosing a backsplash. If the homeowner needs a bit more contrast in the kitchen, they can go for custom cabinets Tulsa in deep blue tones such as navy, ultramarine or midnight in a mostly white kitchen.

Shaker Style

Developed by an American religious sect in the late 18th and early 19 centuries, Shaker furniture is famous for its simple beauty wed to functionality. Its cleanliness of line and emphasis on built-ins make Shaker cabinets startlingly modern.

Frameless Cabinets

Cabinets are basically a box and a door, and with frameless cabinets the door covers the box. Like Shaker style cabinets, frameless cabinets have a clean and simple attractiveness that gives a kitchen a tranquil atmosphere no matter how busy it is. These cabinets are custom made but make the kitchen look extra special. Inset cabinets also give the kitchen a streamlined look. They are created when the doors are placed inside the frames.

Glass-Fronted Cabinets

Cabinets with glass fronts are perennially popular. They show off the homeowner’s dinner service and drinkware especially when they’re lit from inside. The one possible drawback from glass-fronted cabinets is that their interiors need to be kept tidy and look their best if they’re color coordinated. One trick to make the room look taller is to install a row of small, glass-fronted custom cabinets Tulsa on top of the regular sized wall cabinets.

Wine Racks

Connoisseurs of wine who don’t have a lot of space often wonder where to put their bottles. One solution is a wine rack built into the cabinets. They can be the wall cabinets or the floor cabinets. Integrated wine racks certainly give the kitchen a unique look.

Rift Cut Hardwoods

When a tree is rift cut, the cut is at a 90 degree angle to the tree’s growth rings. This brings out the grain of the wood and keeps it from warping and cracking. Trees with an especially beautiful grain such as walnut are excellent for rift cutting and lend their beauty to an otherwise pedestrian kitchen.

One Run of Wall Cabinets

Installing cabinets on a single wall gives the kitchen an uncluttered look while making sure there’s enough storage space.

Metal Hardware

Metal hardware on custom cabinets Tulsa make a statement that is bold but not overwhelming. Knobs pulls and bars can be made of wrought iron, brass, bronze or even gold or gold-plated metal.

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