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A Look At The Top Home Countertop Options

Choosing the right countertop can be a difficult process. It can be expensive to purchase some custom cabinets Tulsa. Before you make your big purchase, here is a look at some of the top countertop choices to consider. As you think about purchasing some custom cabinets Tulsa, here’s what to look for.


Quartz countertops can withstand stains and scratches due to its surface. Quartz stands out from other countertops because it doesn’t need to be sealed. Quartz is available in a number of different colors and patterns.

Polished Granite

Granite countertops have a distinct look that can improve your kitchen’s value because of its durability. Granite is a natural material. You’ll often find different variations of the pattern. With polished granite, you can wipe up all of the stains in a timely manner.


Laminate is considered one of the least expensive options available. Laminate is once again in demand because of its patterns. Many people prefer to choose a bright color.


Wood provides a warm look. Wood countertops are perfect for preparing food. Wood is heat resistant. Consider mixing wood with other surfaces.


Marble countertops are currently in demand. While marble countertops may not look the part, the surface can hide stains and disguise wear. Marble is considered timeless and has a distinctive look. However, marble countertops require maintenance. Make sure that the countertop is properly sealed.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel countertops can bring an industrial look to your home. The surface is compatible with any color and very easy to clean. You can wash away stains with some mild soap. Stainless steel countertops also received good reviews for their ability to stop bacteria from building up.

Honed Granite

Honed granite is known for its soft finish. Honed granite is resistant to chipping, cracking, and scratching. Honed granite is one of the most durable countertop options available.


Glass countertops have a sleek appearance. Glass can be cut into different shapes and textures. You’ll have access to a large selection of colors to help create your countertop. Glass countertops are considered easy to clean and its surface makes it stain resistant. Thick and tempered glass is considered the most durable countertop.


Concrete countertops are known for being customizable. You have access to several different colors and texture choices. Concrete is compatible with a number of different materials, including tile and glass. Concrete is also energy efficient. As your home starts getting warmer, the concrete helps bring the temperature down.


Recycled countertops are a great option if you would like to choose something that is helpful to the environment. You can choose from a variety of materials, including glass, paper, concrete, and plastic. The countertops are also available in different textures and colors.


Travertine countertops are known for their classic look. Travertine is considered one of the most attractive countertop styles. However, Travertine does require lots of maintenance, as the surface may be stained by liquids and different types of bacteria.


Tile is inexpensive and easy to clean. You can also mix and match tile with other styles as you consider looking at different custom cabinets Tulsa.

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