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Selecting the Right Cabinet Hardware

The right hardware can have a powerful impact on kitchen cabinets. A surprising amount of deliberation can go into picking the right hardware for custom cabinets Tulsa. Does the homeowner want it to match the color of their custom cabinets Tulsa and blend in unobtrusively or do they want the hardware to really stand out? Is it easy to use? Is it easy to install? What about cost? Here are some tips o how to select the right hardware:

Pick Hardware Last

After the remodeling or building of the kitchen, the hardware is the very last element to be chosen. Other than this, there are no hard and fast rules to follow when choosing cabinet hardware. Indeed, there must be one homeowner who chose their hardware first and decorated the rest of their kitchen around it.

Make Sure It Is Comfortable to Use

A homeowner may fall in love with a knob made of cut crystal or porcelain painted with dainty flowers, but if it is too small, it’s going to be hard for grown-up hands to grasp. When this happens, smudge marks and fingerprints will inevitably show up on the cabinet door, and sometimes these are surprisingly hard to clean off. Wrought metal knobs and pulls may be pretty in the store, but if they have sharp edges or burrs they are not going to be pleasant to grab many times a day.

Experts recommend pulls for drawers because they are easier to grip and require the use of the entire hand. This is important for deep drawers that are heavy with items such as cookware. In modern kitchens, pulls are installed vertically for cabinet doors and horizontally for pulls.

Like With Like

Interior designers recommend that square hardware be used with furnishings with straight lines, while curved or round pieces of hardware be used with furniture that has round or curved features, such as the curves that might be found on the corners of a kitchen island with its own drawers and custom cabinets Tulsa. Curved hardware can also match cabinet doors with arched or ogee panels.


There are so many finishes for kitchen hardware that the homeowner can become flustered trying to choose the right one. When it comes to metal, polished chrome is often the go-to finish because it most often matches the sink faucet and maybe the handles on the fridge or the knobs and trimming on the stove. However, most finishes are good as long as they aren’t wildly different from the other metal finishes in the room. Pulls and knobs with a fire engine red enamel finish would look a bit odd in a kitchen where the faucet and other metal objects are finished in chrome or satin nickel.


Though the homeowner doesn’t need to spring for wildly expensive hardware, cheap pulls and knobs nearly always have a tacky look about them and are more subject to breaking or coming off than better made and therefore more expensive models. Experts recommend buying kitchen hardware in stores that specialize in kitchen cabinetry and eschewing the big box stores whose choices in hardware are limited.

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