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Kitchen Most Useful Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets should be both serviceable and usable. Listed below are some of the most useful additions you can make to your kitchen cabinets. Talk with the pros at custom cabinets Tulsa for your best kitchen!

Task Lighting

Thanks to cool lighting technologies such as LED’s, adding task lighting under your cabinets is an easy addition that will make using your countertops easier. LED lighting fixtures can be found in a variety of shapes, from small round disks to long bars.

When planning your lighting additions, keep in mind that you’ll need both clearance for tall countertop appliances and that you may want to mount other things under the cabinets. Avoid installing long bars if you plan to make other additions.

Power Strips

If your kitchen remodel involves tearing into the walls and your backsplash goals don’t include an outlet, consider adding power strips under your wall cabinets. Of course, any electrical project will require a professional. Custom cabinets Tulsa can help!

Custom Drawers

One of the top design trends includes bare walls or open shelving rather than wall cabinets. Many of these kitchen designs feature drawer storage for heavy objects including dishes and cookware.

Many of these pull-out storage drawers include modular peg systems that allow the user to define the storage space for each stacked object inside the drawer. This is an ideal set-up for shorter cooks and for children helping to put away dishes.

Conquering Corners

No matter how careful your design, every kitchen seems to have a black hole; that spot in the lower cabinets where those seldom-used objects disappear, never to return. However, with the right pull-out, your can turn that black hole into usable (even ideal) storage.

Narrow Storage Challenges

Narrow pantry cabinets are a great choice for those of us with limited space. Rather than digging around at the back of a dark cupboard, these useful roll-outs offer access from both sides and feature great visibility. Talk with your designer from custom cabinets Tulsa for the latest in rollout cabinets.

User-Friendly (and Safe) Upper Cabinets

Unless you’re very tall, your upper cabinets can be a frustrating challenge. To make sure you can get to everything you need without a step-stool, talk with your kitchen design expert about pull down shelves. These can include everything from a simple wire rack to a full metal shelf unit with safety rails that pulls out and down, right where you need it.

Tool Garages

Clutter is never a good decorating tool, so why not control it with a kitchen tool garage? These clever spaces allow you to store the electric tools you need but may not use every day, such as toasters and mixers, in a covered spot that’s easy to get to when needed.

Pull Down Knife and Tool Rack

A quality pull down knife and tool rack will allow you to avoid having a tool caddy on your counter, reducing clutter and giving you more workspace. For safety’s sake, many pull down racks now offer powerful magnets to keep your knives in place.

The best thing about getting new cabinets may well be the time you save digging around at the back of dark cupboards or poking around in messy drawers. With the right designer, you can determine exactly what you need now and what you’ll need moving forward.

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