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Six Interesting Cabinet Layout Designs

Today there are more than a few standby kitchen cabinet layouts. There is a wide variety of attention-grabbing designs that you may choose from – space permitting, of course. There are classic designs, and fresh modern takes on traditional layouts. That is why when it comes to custom cabinets Tulsa residents know they can trust us. Here are some of the most interesting kitchen cabinet layouts that we professionally install

Galley Cabinet Layout

The galley is a simplistic layout ideal for one-cook kitchens in smaller apartments and condos. The kitchen is walk-through, with two walls, both with adequately-sized countertops and topped with smaller cabinets, that face one another in a parallel arrangement. There are never any corner cabinets, so the layout is easier to achieve and more affordable than most. You will, however, have to utilize every available square inch of space.

One-Walled Cabinet Layout

The one-walled kitchen is ultra-streamlined and basic. You may see this in a studio apartment or even in an office, or any other smaller-than-usual space. It is a variation on the galley in that it doesn’t have a second parallel wall to enclose it. However, if space is available, a kitchen island can be added to make the layout appear fuller and feel more complete.

Horseshoe Cabinet Layout

The horseshoe layout, which is also referred to as a “U”- shaped layout, is formed by three walls of appliances or cabinets. It gives a full, yet airy, feel to a small, confined space, but it allows for extra traffic. This means that with the holidays coming up, there is more room for help in the kitchen.

L-Shape Cabinet Layout

A variation on the classic horseshoe setup is the newer “L”-shape layout. This is similar to the horseshoe, but the third “wall” of cabinets is instead formed by a kitchen island, or there is no third wall at all to speak of. It works well because it maximizes cabinet and counter space in the adjoining corner, which is the bend that forms the titular “L.” The resulting perpendicular lines can be short or long, depending upon the size of the kitchen.

The design works well on smaller rooms, but it can be utilized to a maximum effect on a medium-sized kitchen as well. Just keep in mind that the design is not the best for extensive traffic, so its better for cooks that prefer to work alone.

Peninsula Cabinet Layout

This is a combination of the L-shape layout and the horseshoe, simply formed by attaching an island to one wall of cabinets. Also called a “G”-shaped design, the layout works similarly to any other layout featuring an island, but it allows for more walkability in a kitchen that is smaller in square footage than the average. It works when a true island would take up way too much space.

Island  Cabinet Layout

As said before, the venerable kitchen island can convert an L-shape quickly into a horseshoe layout, or a one-wall design into a galley. That said, islands are interesting bits of cabinetry in and of themselves, as they can provide a spot to eat if you simply place a few stools nearby. However, they not only provide a dining room table replacement, but they can also come equipped with sinks or stove-tops for food preparation, or a mini-fridge to chill wine. They may even provide extra storage for pots, pans, and dishes.

Just remember, the picturesque and functional island may seem like a must-have, but not every kitchen can reasonably house one. If you do not have the clearance to build one, it would be best to pass on the idea altogether.

In conclusion, there are many layouts that you can choose for your custom cabinets Tulsa residents. Whether you like a contemporary look, or you prefer an old-fashioned façade, when it comes to custom cabinets Tulsa customers know they can trust our installers. Give us a call today and we will happily discuss your kitchen remodeling needs.

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