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Important Cabinet Characteristics

Ultimately, a cabinet is a box that may or may not come with a door and may or may not come with a frame. The good news is that from this simple equation many types of cabinets are possible. Here are some important cabinet characteristics:

Framed Cabinets

The benefit of a frame in a cabinet is that it stabilizes the cabinet and keeps drawers and doors from sticking because the box is out of square. Corner blocks in the top corners also keep the cabinet square. The frame is always just a bit wider than the cabinet itself, so when two framed cabinets are placed together on the wall or the floor they form tight seams. Frames allow a homeowner to buy cabinets straight from the cabinet or big box store in several sizes.

Sides and Doors

The sides of the custom cabinets Tulsa fit into the stiles of the frame and are fastened either by glue, nails or special staples. If the cabinet has a door, the door is attached to the face frame with exterior hinges attached to the frame and the inside of the door. Wall cabinets have a mounting rail that secures them to the wall.

Shelves and Drawers

The shelves in many framed cabinets are fixed, though this is not a hard and fast rule. Adjustable shelves usually rest on brackets, and drawers have box fronts that are often covered with larger false fronts. The size of the false front allows it to lay over the cabinet’s face frame in an attractive way.

Frameless Cabinets

Frameless custom cabinets Tulsa give kitchens a modern and sleek look, and they are only possible because of the invention of a hinge that allows the door to be hung directly on the box. These hinges are hidden inside the cabinet and are adjustable. The doors sometimes have rubber bumpers on the inside top corners to keep them quiet when they close.

The frameless cabinet has more room for storage than the framed cabinet because there is no frame to get in the way. They are very sturdy when they are installed, but the lack of a frame requires that the installer make sure they are perfectly square. Some frameless floor cabinets come with leveling legs to make sure the corners are at right angles.

Shelves and Drawers

The corners in frameless custom cabinets Tulsa are joined by dowels, and the interiors often have pre-drilled holes for adjustable shelves. The shelves are supported by shelf pins that can be tapped into the holes. Other types of joints are dado and dovetail joints. Dado joints are made by two pieces of wood. One piece fits into a notch called a dado in the other piece. Dovetail joints are interlocking pins and sockets found in cabinet corners. Another type of joint seen in a kitchen cabinet is a rabbet, which is where one piece of wood fits into a groove carved along the edge of another piece of wood.

Because there are no frames, drawer glides can be attached to the sides of the drawers as well as the interior of the cabinet.

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