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Custom Cabinet Designs: Durable Functionality and Style

No matter how well you take care of the features in your kitchen, eventually updates make a world of difference. Many folks wait until they decide to sell their home before considering important changes to improve the value of their house.

That is really a shame because you have no chance to enjoy the benefits certain kitchen updates provide. For example, custom cabinets offer a great way to increase the value of your house that exceeds the costs of the cabinets. Now, if you look around your kitchen, imagine if you get custom cabinets three to five years before you sell your home.

Update Cabinet Style to Reflect Your Tastes

If you have lived with your current kitchen cabinets for over 10 years, they are probably starting to show their age. Your children are older now and no longer use your cabinet drawers as stairs. Swinging on lower cabinet doors has hopefully lost its appeal.

No matter what custom cabinets Tulsa residents like you started with, undoubtedly, they deserve retirement by now. Styles change over time and your cabinets should reflect those changes in style. Your style and tastes change over time as well. What suited you and your family 10 years ago no longer holds any special appeal.

Check Out New Functionality Features

Custom cabinets built to your specifications offer you a whole new world of options no one could have considered a decade ago. Docking stations for your iPhone or Android device are built into your kitchen cabinets. Thin slide-outs between upper and lower cabinets contain space to store your spices, cookie sheets or turn up to hold your cookbook.

Cutlery drawers often have deeper designs so that your utensils are not constantly getting caught when you pull a drawer out. Drawer slides have better designs to roll smoothly on an even track. Small drawer within drawers or little windows within your larger cabinets open so you can reach for the most common items you use in those areas. Tilt-out spaces at the front of certain drawers are quite handy.

New Finishes Complete Your Custom Cabinets Tulsa

Far more finishing styles will put the best face on your new custom cabinets. These finishes help transform your unfinished new cabinets into a bright spot in your kitchen. Watch your kitchen become one room in your house where everyone wants to gather.

Depending on what type of stain or paint you choose your cabinets will blend in or stand out to make a statement. These stain types include:

  • Penetrating Oil Stains – protects the wood while it stains
  • Oil-based Stains – traditionally used to refinish wood in general
  • Gel Stains – a great choice for vertical surfaces
  • Water-based Stains – if you or a family member have allergies or fume sensitivities, this provides the perfect stain solution

Once your stain has fully dried, an interesting array of hand-applied finishes take regular stain and turns it into a magical look. An experienced cabinet maker can apply a light-dappled look with a glazed finish.

If you enjoy a 3-dimensional look, the finisher applies a highlight glaze to inner surfaces of your cabinet to draw the eye and add that extra depth. Perhaps you prefer a traditional touch. A burnished finish gives a broken-in, comfortable appearance achieved with hand-sanding by a cabinet maker. Choose a vintage finish for an antique, old-money look.

Paint might be your preference. If so, choose a bright or subtle look and consider adding a water-resistant or water-proof sealant as well.

Meet with custom cabinets Tulsa makers use to choose the cabinets for your life.


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