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Cabinet Types You Should Know

There are several types of kitchen cabinets, it’s important that the homeowner know which is which. This lets them install them properly around the kitchen and install them in ways that are both convenient to the cook and aesthetically pleasing. Here are different types of cabinets:

Base Cabinets:

Base cabinets are meant to be placed on the floor. Some have toe-kicks, a recessed space at the bottom that allows the cook to get closer to the counter or sink. Frameless base cabinets sometimes have levelers to keep them square. Standard base cabinets are 12 to 24 inches wide though they can be wider or narrower and are almost always 34 1/2 inches high. Almost all floor cabinets always have doors, and most have a combination of at least one door and one drawer. Custom cabinets Tulsa with the door and drawer combination are less expensive than cabinets that only have doors.

Some base cabinets that have all drawers may have drawers made to hold silverware or jars of spices or are made especially deep to hold large and heavy cookware such as Dutch ovens. They can be accessorized with pull-out trash cans and pull-out shelves for food preparation.

One necessary base cabinet for the kitchen is the double door cabinet with room for the sink. These cabinets sometimes have false drawer fronts and enough room inside to allow for plumbing pipes. Base sink cabinets can also come with a diagonal sink and 90-degree corner sink styles. These usually have bi-fold doors and need a custom made countertop.

Base cabinets for blind corners join two corners at 90-degree angles. Some of them can have a lazy Susan installed to make accessing items easier.

Wall Cabinets

These cabinets have a plank at the back to make it easier to bolt or screw them into the wall. They can have single or double doors. When it comes to double-doored base cabinets, those without a center stile make storage easier. Wall custom cabinets Tulsa often came with doors, though some are open to display the homeowner’s best kitchenware. The doors can have solid panels or panels made of glass. The glass, in turn, can be transparent, frosted or hammered. Some homeowners place chicken wire or small curtains in their wall cabinet doors.

As with base cabinets, other types of wall cabinets are blind corner cabinets and diagonal corner cabinets. There are also pie-cut corner cabinets, which resemble a multi-layered cake that has had a slice cut out of it when they’re installed. They often have bi-fold or curved doors to solve clearance problems. Some wall cabinets are built to accommodate microwave ovens.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are roomy enough to hold ovens. Some have storage above and below the oven. Though homeowners may worry that a wooden cabinet may catch on fire because of the oven’s heat, modern ovens are so well insulated that this isn’t a problem. There are also custom cabinets Tulsa big enough to hold refrigerators.

Utility cabinets serve as pantries, broom closets or closets where cleaning items are kept. They’re usually between 84 and 96 inches high and contain several shelves. These shelves can be fixed or adjustable or can conveniently slide in and out. These cabinets can have one or two doors.

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