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Being a homeowner is the American Dream. People envision their home how they want it but not exactly what they can afford. Oftentimes sacrifices are made to allow for homeowners to purchase their home at an affordable price, commonly known as a fixer-upper, and do their home improvement projects a little at a time and without hiring a contractor.

DIY seems to be the new craze. With television, the internet, YouTube, and online magazines there is no shortage of tutorials. Seeing homeowners digging in and doing their own renovations gives confidence to those who may otherwise not take the plunge. So let’s start in the kitchen.



There are several grades of cabinets. (You don’t have to buy the most expensive to meet your needs.)

  • Some cabinets are sold assembled and some are unassembled. Keep in mind that unassembled cabinets cost substantially less than preassembled. This might allow you to purchase a cabinet grade you may not otherwise be able to afford.
  • On the other hand, if you feel you don’t possess the skill to assemble your own cabinets you can always purchase preassembled which may cost a little more.
  • A suggestion would be to talk to the experts about custom cabinets Tulsa options. If you can’t configure your kitchen with pre-made cabinets, this would be the way to go.


Next would be style. This is the beauty of redesigning your own kitchen.

Some options include:

  • Traditional – Inlaid or raised panel. One of the more sophisticated styles boasting a formal appearance
  • Shaker – Clean lines with single frame presenting a more casual look. Generally white but a recent introduction of mixed finished for base and upper cabinets is becoming quite popular.
  • Modern – Sleek lines, flat cabinet faces, sharp corners, and bold finishes. Generally constructed of durable high gloss acrylic materials instead of the customary wood/MDF.

Homeowners should weigh the Assembled vs Soon-to-be assembled. Another opportunity to think about what any custom cabinets Tulsa professional has to offer.


Selecting cabinets is not just buying boxes and putting them adjacent to each other.

Put your thoughts on paper so you can move things around until you find the best configuration for your space.

  • Lower cabinets are somewhat similar in design but it’s what’s inside that makes them functional. For a corner, you can opt for a lazy-susan. Instead of having to grope for items in the back of the cabinet, the lazy-susan brings all your goods to the front with just a spin of the trays.
  • Lower cabinets can also come as drawers for storing pots and pans as well as those appliances you just don’t know what to do with.
  • Upper cabinets also have features that weren’t an option until recently. You can choose corner cabinets, plate racks, wine racks, pull out shelves, open shelving and appliance garages.

As you can see the options are endless. With all these new configurations you may want to seriously consider having them professionally assembled.

One thing to remember – make remodeling fun. learn from your mistakes and don’t be afraid to seek advice from the experts, many who can be found at custom cabinets Tulsa and surrounding areas.

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